Amethyst vs Fernando - reverse one-leg pin choke

NC-37: Amethyst Hammerfist vs Fernando

In NC-37 our guest from UK, Amethyst Hammerfist (stats), is pitted against Fernando (stats), in a semi-competitive mixed wrestling match.

While Fernando is taller, the two competitors have similar weight. Surprisingly, it looks like Amethyst has just as strong an upper body as Fernando, if not stronger, and most certainly a stronger lower-body. As soon as the match starts the skill difference is obvious. Fernando seems exhausted from a previous match, and has not much to put out against Amethyst’s primal aggression and quickness. NC-37 is a brutal match for Fernando, as you can see him in obvious pain and discomfort throughout the match, as he is getting ragdolled by Amethyst, controlled and submitted round after round between her legs. A huge amount of scissor submissions, with some creating headscissoring, will delight those who enjoy seeing a male get crushed and defeated between female legs.

Fernando’s pain ends with a beautiful victory pose as Amethyst stomps her foot down onto his chest, clearly reveling in her superiority.

If you enjoy one-sided mixed wrestling matches, we recommend that you check out NC-37.

Note: there is no introductory interview in this video.

Match outline: the match itself (19 minutes), victory pose (sgpin, then foot on chest and more), concluding interviews.

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