FW-86: Zoe vs Vanessa

On her second fight at Fight Pulse, our powerful newcomer, Vanessa (stats), faces a tough opponent, Fight Pulse fan favorite, Zoe (stats), in an intense competitive female wrestling match that will delight all fans of real F/F wrestling!

Vanessa debuted at Fight Pulse with a spectacular victory in a mixed wrestling match over Luke in MX-107. Her power and toughness were obvious from the get-go. But Zoe is a different level of a fighter, who has proven her dominance over female opponents time and time again. There’s no question that Vanessa goes in as an underdog to this match against the aggressive Zoe. Can she pull off an upset? Or will Zoe prove too big of a challenge for the newcomer, so early in her career, and assert dominance as she so often does?

This is a relatively close fight that nevertheless does end in a decisive victory. Both fighters display a great deal of heart and determination that few women or men possess.

If you are a fan of aggressive competitive female wrestling, you will absolutely love this fierce battle between a modern-day Bohemian Amazon, Zoe, and Moravian Amazon, Vanessa!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (17 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest), concluding interviews.

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6 years 10 days ago

One of my main interests in the viewing of this fight is to compare two company’s styles: Fighting Dolls (from which Vanessa has been learning) and Fight Pulse (Zoe). I’m a Fighting Dolls follower for years, but the thing is that they never bring girls from outside, so you can’t compare. Both ladies are strong, heavy and experienced. The fight is 100 per cent competitive as these real fighters give all they got in order to win. Although the action is very close, one of the fighters tends to dominate. The difference of styles between Vanessa and Zoe is not… Read more »