NC-115: Jenni Czech’s Lethal Legs

It all starts backstage, when Steve (stats) mocks the legs of Jenni Czech (stats), saying that “while they are beautiful, they are not for wrestling,” – the words that inevitably lead to his subjugation and painful, painful domination. Little does he know that Jenni Czech’s legs are possibly pound-for-pound the strongest legs of any wrestler on Fight Pulse, male or female, maybe only rivaled by Akela. This is the story of Jenni Czech’s glorious, infamously powerful legs, and the destruction they can bring to any male foolish enough to challenge their worth!

The style of this video is similar to NC-109 Akela’s Lethal Legs, with focus on lower-body strength, especially through headscissors and grapevine pins.

On the mats Jenni and Steve square off and start to wrestle. As soon as Jenni clamps her big powerful thighs around Steve’s neck, he knows he has made a big error of judgement. His expression tells us that much. However, he is stubborn to admit it at first, so his torture continues. Not only does Jenni humiliate him verbally and make him eventually say that he was mistaken and apologize multiple times, she makes him cough, cry, visibly tear up from all the crushing that Jenni subjects his neck and skull between her legs.

The second part of this long (34 minute) match contains possibly some of the most vicious and painful scissoring action we’ve filmed, with Jenni making her captive prey’s face turn colors between her powerful thighs and big strong calves, – to red, then to purple, – as he is trying to survive the onslaught, while being submitted multiple times in the same hold, catching his breath, to only be forced into another painful position. Pin after pin, squeeze by squeeze Jenni breaks her male opponent’s body and mind, until she tramples his prostrate, defeated body underfoot.

Match outline: prologue, staredown, the match itself (34 minutes), victory pose (full-weight trampling, one foot on face, foot choking).

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