FW-88: Sasha vs Rage

Sasha (stats) and Rage (stats) square off on the mats of Fight Pulse for the first time in an onslaught-style no-rounds competitive female wrestling match!

If you enjoy F/F domination in the context of real wrestling, with a bigger, more powerful woman womanhandling a smaller opponent despite her best efforts, you should absolutely see this match!

Sasha’s efforts are indeed admirable – she fights her best fight to date, and even gets on top a couple of times. However, that is not enough to stop this encounter from being a true onslaught, a cat-and-mouse game, if we’ve ever filmed one.

Oh poor Sasha (stats)! This is her most painful encounter on the wrestling mats to date. Rage is bigger and far stronger than her, and imposes her will and physicality onto her from the get-go. With little effort Rage traps her smaller opponent between her legs, pins her down, submits, smothers and humiliates her throughout this long 30-minute match.

Rage subjects Sasha to some excruciating holds – full-nelson bodyscissors / body-triangle combinations, a bearhug-thigh-scissors combination, body and headscissor holds, tight pins, pubis chokes, facesitting, matchbook-style pins, splits on the neck, and much more. Rage’s creativity when it comes to coming up with new holds is fascinating to watch. There are several positions in this match that we have trouble naming. Most notably – at one point in the match Rage, while on her back, is holding Sasha tightly on top of her, but in reverse position, with a bearhug-grip on her stomach. She then wraps her legs around Sasha’s arms to hold them down, and proceeds to cranks her neck by pushing her face down with her feet.

Rage loves demonstrating how much stronger she is than Sasha throughout the match. This also extends to the concluding interviews, where Rage decides to lift Sasha, and answers some of the questions while carrying her on her shoulders fireman-style.

FW-88 is easily one of the best one-sided F/F wrestling matches we have ever filmed!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (30 minutes), victory pose (foot on face, then foot on chest), concluding interviews (includes lift & carry).

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