NC-122: Zoe vs Andreas (immobilization onslaught – humiliation finish)

If you are a fan of long wrestling holds with multiple submissions, humiliating positions, facesitting, and especially foot domination and foot worship, NC-122 is for you!

This custom-request video follows a style that is slightly similar to the escape challenges. One of the differences is that this is an onslaught-style match, meaning that there are submissions. Zoe (stats) has to make Andreas (stats) tap out as many times as possible in each hold. These submissions are counted and displayed on the bottom of the screen. Each hold lasts one minute, and upon successful immobilization, Zoe transitions to a humiliating position related to the original position, and proceeds to make her smaller male opponent submit again many times while victory posing during the hold (however, these submissions are not counted towards the sub-score).

The holds, in the sequence they appear in the video, and the humiliation positions they transition to once the immobilization is succeeded, are:
1. Tight schoolgirl pin / pubis choke -> facesitting domination
2. Reverse headscissors -> reverse facesitting domination
3. Front headscissors -> foot smothering humiliation
4. Lotus lock -> foot smothering from lotus position
5. Reverse headsit -> reverse headsit foot domination

Unlike the escape challenges, this immobilization onslaught ends with a long humiliation segment, where Zoe hogties her defeated victim and makes him kiss and lick her feet and suck on her toes, while she is seated on him, or standing over him, victory posing, as well as taking selfies (which are included in the release photoset).

If you enjoy watching females subjecting males to prolonged holds, with a lot of submissions, victory posing, facesitting and humiliating foot-to-face positions, you will absolutely love NC-122!

Match outline: all the challenges listed above including victory segments (11 minutes), humiliation segment (11 minutes) – including bondage, foot worship, human furniture positions and victory posing, final interview.

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