NC-165: Scarlett vs Viktor

One of the most exciting prospects of Fight Pulse, middleweight powerhouse, Scarlett (stats), displays her talent for physical domination in her fist ever no-rounds onslaught, pinning, crushing and smothering her male opponent, Viktor (stats), until he can take no longer.

Scarlett thrashes her skinny, young opponent between her big, insanely strong thighs via lengthy, jaw-crushing, multiple-submission scissorholds, smothers him into submission repeatedly using full-weight, face-distorting, vicious front and reverse facesitting holds throughout the onslaught, pins and immobilizes him via tight, neck-straddling schoolgirl pins and cross-body pins, and mocks him while he is pinned, squeezed and facesat, unable to escape.

Scarlett ends her dominance with a devastating, long, reverse headscissors, and one of the longest reverse figure-4 scissors we’ve ever filmed, as well as multiple foot chokes before capping off her victory by treading firmly on the prostrate male’s face.

NC-165 is Scarlett’s most dominant performance at Fight Pulse to date, and all fans of female domination on the mats by a powerful woman should absolutely see it!

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (19 minutes), victory pose (foot on face).

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