FW-120: Giselle vs Sasha II

Giselle (stats) and Sasha (stats) square off for the second time in a competitive, no-rounds onslaught, a rematch of the popular FW-99, and an absolute must-see for fans of one-sided, real, female on female dominance.

Onslaught matches, due to the nature of the style, usually end up being a very painful and humiliating experience for the weaker of the two wrestlers. This match is no different. Sasha is in better shape than ever before and gives Giselle more trouble than during their first onslaught, but Giselle is just a naturally better fighter, a faster, more aggressive competitor, in addition to being the bigger and stronger of the two.

Giselle asserts dominance by pinning Sasha early on, and controls, immobilizes, submits and verbally humiliates Sasha throughout the match. Sasha does her best to escape her predicament whenever she can, but never for long as Giselle is instantly upon her, like cat upon a mouse. Multiple submissions per hold, long, tormenting holds including headscissors, full-nelson and bodyscissors combination, agonizing armbars, lotus locks and more – Giselle torments Sasha for over 25 minutes, making her submit and groan and submit again and again and again.

FW-120 is a must-see for all fans of real F/F onslaughts, where a stronger wrestler controls and dominates a smaller, weaker opponent!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (27 minutes), victory pose (facesitting, then foot on chest, then on face).

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