MX-188: Gloria vs Mike

In this interdivisional, competitive, mixed wrestling match, the middleweight powerhouse, Gloria (stats), imposes her will onto and dominates her big, but slow, unathletic male opponent, Mike (stats), despite him trying his best to fight back.

The start of this match is unusual. It starts while Gloria is stretching on the mats. We only notice that Gloria is inviting Mike to attack her playfully while she’s on her back on the mats and Mike is getting ready to attack and start filming. We decide not to stop the natural start of the action which is why there are no pre-match interviews in this video.

Mike and Gloria are clearly friendly, and this match could very well be the development of a new friendship between the two. But the fight is real and intense, with Gloria, the physically superior individual of the two, out-wrestling and eventually asserting clear dominance over the heavyweight male.

Besides excellent wrestling, a variety of pins and submissions by Gloria, check out the timestamps 09:20 (and 11:08 and 19:38…). Genuine moments like this, where the opponents look at each other, with both acknowledging who’s the superior fighter out of the two, are rare and cannot be replicated or enacted. After one of the many rounds that Gloria won, the two square off to start the next one. Mike rubs his forehead, clearly getting tired and smiles embarrassingly. Gloria smiles backs and nods, sending the message that no matter how hard Mike tries, she’s going to be in control. Mike nods back, not giving up yet, but embarrassed by this acknowledgment, as well as the fact that nothing he has done has been effective yet.

Gloria caps off her dominance over Mike with a long victory pose sequence, where she facesits him as well as puts her feet onto his face.

MX-188 is a must-watch for all fans competitive mixed wrestling, especially those who enjoy watching athletic females defeat bigger, but slower males in real combat.

Match outline: the match itself (21 minutes), long victory pose (reverse facesitting, then foot on chest, foot domination, sgpin), concluding interviews.

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