MX-209: Rage vs Renato (onslaught)

There is no question that your favorite alpha female, Rage (stats), can beat Renato (stats) with her wrists tied behind her back. This alone has to be telling of what takes place in this competitive onslaught. Namely, complete, unquestionable subjugation.

Rage manhandles, mocks Renato, subdues and torments him minute after minute despite him doing his best to fight back in this long, agonizing onslaught, with multiple submissions per hold, often making the weaker, smaller male panic. He simply has no answer to Rage’s attacks, as she is better than him at everything – she’s stronger, bigger, more skilled – just like she herself states in the video. During the onslaught Rage subjects Renato to crushing, long, tight reverse headscissors, figure-4 chokes, foot chokes, heavy, panic-inducing facesits, and a variety of pins and other submission holds throughout 25 minutes.

After time is called, Rage turns what was supposed to be the victory pose into long, cruel victory humiliation as she treads on the prostrate male’s face, chest and throat, making him submit multiple times, forces him to suck her toes and sits on his face, and keeps him underfoot for the concluding interviews.

MX-209 depicts absolute, genuine, physical domination of a man by a woman, and is a must-watch for all fans of the genre.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the onslaught itself (24 minutes), long victory posing (facesit, foot on face, chest, foot worship, etc.) during which concluding interviews are held (5 minutes).

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