MX-219: Warrior Amazon vs Frank

Please welcome Warrior Amazon (stats), a Goddess of fighting, born of a marriage of violence and elegance. An absolutely sensational grappler from Germany with a spectacular, ruthless Fight Pulse debut, among the best MX titles we’ve ever filmed.

Despite being one of our best male wrestlers, and putting on his best fight, Frank (stats) is no match for Warrior’s ridiculous mat prowess. What Warrior does to her male opponent, very few have ever done to him. Frank’s strength, agility and flexibility, are met with even greater strength, speed and flexibility.

Warrior’s grappling skills are fascinating – transitions, takedowns, sweeps are a blast to see. When in the zone, she produces beauty, brilliance of motion and control, beyond what words can describe. You have to see this. When you watch this match, observe it closely.

Frank is good enough to trigger Warrior’s brilliance, but not good enough to stop it. Warrior defeats Frank with a humiliating score of 11-0. This is not just a victory. This is a statement.

MX-219 is a fast-paced, action-packed mixed wrestling match, an absolute must-watch for all fans of real intergender combat where a skilled male gets outwrestled and subdued, by a bigger, more skilled female, in a crushing manner, for 20 straight minutes.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (19 minutes), victory poses (reverse facesit, foot on face), concluding interviews.

Short preview clips:

Watch on Twitter – the switch
Watch on Twitter – a takedown

Preview photos:

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