tight schoolgirl pin applied by Lucrecia

MX-30: Lucrecia vs Gregor

Fans of real mixed wrestling between a big and strong woman and a weaker man will love this competitive mixed wrestling match between Lucrecia (6′ 0, 216 lb, 27 yo) and Gregor (5′ 7″, 154 lb, 36 yo). Lucrecia, who becomes better with each match, completely annihilates Gregor scoring a record of 19 submissions in 20 minutes of action. It is Gregor’s worst nightmare as the Czech amazon Lucrecia crushes him methodically between her big powerful thighs and destroys his will with full-weight tight schoolgirl pins. She takes the domination one step further when she forces Gregor’s face into the soles of her bare feet while applying a lotus lock. There is even a breast-smother submission and a short facesit. Lucrecia almost toys with him despite his best effort. After the 19th submissions we see Lucrecia’s physical and emotional victory over Gregor in full clarity as she stands tall over the prostrate loser with her foot on his face in an assertive victory pose.

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Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (20 minutes), long victory pose (foot on face, then foot on chest), final interviews.

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9 years 1 month ago

Zweig, I’d give my left nut to watch this one. G.

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8 years 5 months ago

I wouldn’t mind participating myself.