MX-79: Tia vs Steve

Dear Fight Pulse fans, as per your requests we are releasing our first mixed wrestling match with the beautiful Hungarian Amazon, Tia (stats), filmed during her recent visit to Fight Pulse, out of turn!

And what a match it is! MX-79 is one of the best mixed wrestling titles we have ever released! In this competitive mixed wrestling match Tia’s opponent is Steve (stats), who is in the best shape of his life. With a visibly chiseled upper-body and great strength achieved through athletic training and fitness, Steve was the most challenging (and the only heavier) opponent for Tia during our two days of filming.

This is a true intense battle of the sexes between two young and strong individuals. With his slight weight advantage and upper-body strength, Steve poses certain challenges for Tia. But the experienced Amazon has more tools in her arsenal than Steve can handle, including remarkable natural strength.

Another thing that makes this match interesting is that there’s a certain chemistry between the two competitors. Both pre and post-match interviews are interesting in this regard. After Tia scores a point via either a submission or a pin, she often digs it in by sitting on top of Steve for longer before getting up, grabbing his chin, looking into his eyes, or sometimes even pushing his head and body away with her foot.

The victory pose after the match includes a fantastic long display of total victory by the winner, that includes facesitting and face treading poses over the defeated and completely exhausted opponent.

If you like competitive mixed wrestling with one side winning decisively through a hard fight, MX-79 is for you.

Note: Due to unplanned nature of this release, the match that was supposed to be released today, NC Paola vs Barbara, will be released on Monday, 13/Feb. Our next release with Tia is scheduled for 04/Mar. See the Upcoming Releases page for more info.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (17 minutes), long victory pose (sgpin, facesitting, then foot on chest, then foot on face), final interviews.

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Profile photo of Sol100
7 years 1 month ago

Definitely a sensual match-up between these two fit and muscular opponents. Tia’s body looks more buffed up than ever, but she needed that power to take on a strong Steve. Fun match to watch.

Profile photo of mwd77
5 years 3 months ago

This video is yet another great example of the wrestling skill and physical ability of Tia. In this match, Tia takes on Steve who is a very fit and strong man and the only male opponent that is larger than her, so far at Fight Pulse. Both are fit and strong, but Tia has more wrestling experience and better stamina than Steve and these two factors give Tia a big advantage in the match. Throughout this match, Steve obviously tries hard and is able to get on top some times. But he is not able to pun her down or… Read more »