MX-81: Tia vs Frank

In her second fight that took place during her recent visit to Fight Pulse, the Hungarian Amazon, Tia (stats), faces Frank (stats), in one of the most anticipated releases (74%) to date.

While Frank is much smaller than Steve, whom Tia defeated decisively in MX-79, he is agile and is a better wrestler. Nevertheless, he too is no match for Tia, as she dominates her way to victory in this competitive mixed wrestling match. Frank has his moments early in the match thanks to his speed and flexibility, but Tia’s experience and brute female strength prevent him from capitalizing on them. Tia completely overpowers, immobilizes, and dominates her opponent despite his best effort in MX-81. She humiliates him in-between rounds by shoving him away with her foot, straddling him, and resting her feet on his chest.

Frank is so defeated and out of breath at the end that Tia easily puts him into different painful and humiliating holds, non-stop, before planting her foot on his face, proving that he is not a worthy opponent for her.

If you enjoy competitive mixed wrestling with the bigger stronger female womanhandling her smaller male opponent, MX-81 is for you!

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (19 minutes), long victory pose segment (Tia puts her defeated and exhausted opponent through various painful holds, making him submit several times in onslaught style, including headscissors, facesitting and ankle choke, the performs a foot on face victory pose), final interviews.

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6 years 1 month ago

MX-81 shows yet another dominant victory by the talented and strong Tia. In this video, Tia takes on Frank, a fit male with some wrestling experience. But his experience, fitness, and efforts just are not enough for him to win this wrestling match. Tia is simply stronger, more experienced, and more skilled than Frank is. Add to all of that, the fact that Tia is also larger than Frank is, she weighing about 30 pounds than him, and you will see that this match is really a mismatch. Frank tries his best in this match and he is able to… Read more »