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NC-04: Lucrecia vs Marek – smother match

This is a custom made smother-submissions only semi-competitive mixed wrestling match between Czech Amazon, Lucrecia (6’0″, 216 lb, 26 yo), and our regular, Marek (5’10”, 141 lb, 38 yo). Under smother rules a submission can only be attained via breast-smothering, belly-smothering, facesitting, and any other improvised smother hold. Needless to say, Lucrecia dominates Marek from start to finish with an arsenal of smother holds including all of the listed. NC-04 is a must see for fans of this type of mixed matches. If you would like to see us do more smother videos, please let us know by commenting on this video below.

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (22 minutes), victory pose.
Video length: 23m 41s

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9 years 4 months ago

In response to your description – yes I would like to see more of these!

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9 years 4 months ago

Great video, judging from the preview! I’ll most likely purchase this one. I suppose you might as well call it competitive, by the look of it. Keep up the good work!