NC-89: Zoe vs Luke

In this highly-anticipated (71%) mixed wrestling release, Fight Pulse fan favorite, Zoe (stats), takes on Luke (stats) in an onslaught-style no-rounds match.

This video has it all. Scissors fans will enjoy watching Zoe trap her male opponent’s neck between her thick powerful thighs for long periods of time. Facesitting fans will be delighted to see Zoe straddle Luke’s face with all of her weight, cutting his oxygen off with her crotch repeatedly. Domination fans will love how Zoe enjoys herself, flexing her biceps, while keeping Luke captive in neck-straddle schoolgirl pin or a facesit. Breast smothering, belly smothering, grapevine pins, foot domination, camel clutch, calf chokes, foot choke, and more – are all holds Zoe uses in this match to inflict pain and discomfort and achieve submissions. Zoe ends this one-sided battle of the sexes by declaring “game over!” while treading heavily on the male loser’s face.

If you are a fan of female domination in the context of mixed wrestling, NC-89 is easily one of our best domination videos of this year for you.

Match outline: the match itself (24 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest, foot on face).

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