Lia Labowe mixed wrestling

NC-147: Lia Labowe vs Marek

The Queen of violence, Lia Labowe’s, onslaught-style debut at Fight Pulse is a masterpiece of female domination on the mats. It is as brutal as it is beautiful.

If you know Lia Labowe (stats), you know what to expect of this. She destroys the body and spirit of Marek (stats) in one of the most intense and painful mixed encounters we have ever filmed, full of excruciating and humiliating holds. Lia takes her victim to his threshold of pain and keeps him there using her wrestling prowess – lengthy, torturous headscissors, camel clutch, inverted figure-4 leglock, lotus lock, and much more. Facesitting, foot domination, trampling, forced foot worship (“kiss the foot that dominates you”), foot gagging, kicking, stomping, spitting – throughout the onslaught Lia indulges in her power over a man, enjoying her complete and undeniable dominance over him, laughing while he is screaming. “Struggle,” she shouts at him, “struggle, little bitch,” and “struggle, like a little bug that you are,” clearly getting pleasure from crushing his resistance. She flexes her biceps while sitting on his face, while standing on his head full weight, on one foot, as he is grimacing in pain, during the onslaught.

If physical, painful female domination on the mats is your cup of tea, you absolutely have to see NC-147! Lia does things in this video that have never been done at Fight Pulse before, taking the onslaught style to a new level.

Match outline: the match itself (20 minutes), victory pose (reverse facesitting, then foot on face).

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