NC-152: Ali vs Andreas (facesit onslaught)

Ali (stats) pins down and facesit-smothers her male opponent for close to 20 minutes with heavy forward, reverse, side facesitting and humiliating facesquatting holds in what is possibly the best mixed facesit-wrestling video we’ve ever filmed!

Ali’s talent for facesitting is apparent in this spectacular no-rounds onslaught, as she smothers Andreas (stats) non-stop, sitting heavily on his face, smashing his facial features underneath her crotch and her butt, ridding him of air, making him tap out again and again and again, only to let him breathe for a second, and lower her weight down onto his face again. Ali pins her victim’s palms down with her knees, shins, she plants her feet on his wrists to secure his arms, and rides his face making him submit to her repeatedly in several different facesit variations throughout the match. At the end she caps off her domination via long, heavy foot-on-face victory pose, again distorting his facial features under the sole of her foot, even making him tap out to the pressure.

NC-152 is arguably the best F/M facesit-wrestling video we have ever filmed, and is a must see for all fans of facesitting domination in mixed wrestling!

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (19 minutes), long victory pose (foot on face, then foot on chest).

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