NC-194: Rage vs Karel

When Rage (stats) is at the wheel, get ready for a roller-coaster of pain, humiliation and fear. The sadistic joy of being in control of the onslaught and administering punishment, impressive creativity when it comes to twisting and manipulating her opponents’ bodies in painful, degrading ways, the uncanny ability to read and exploit one’s weaknesses, are some of Rage’s qualities that have made her one of the most-wanted, highly-praised session wrestlers of the scene today.

In NC-194 you see Rage unleash her powers onto someone, whom she had defeated in real combat before (MX-139), a match where she came out on top, but wasn’t able to control the flow of, unlike most of her fights. You can see this encounter as a logical continuation of MX-139, and this time Rage is in charge from almost the get-go and Karel (stats) is in for one of his worst days at Fight Pulse.

The 26-year old phenom subjects the 45-year old man to brutal, tight, crushing pins and chokes, long, cruel headscissor torture, heavy facesit smothering, vicious foot chokes and foot domination, forcing multiple submissions each prolonged hold in true onslaught-style, and many ingenious, contorting holds, while enjoying every second of it, as well as verbally humiliating Karel. Rage caps off the onslaught by planting her foot firmly on the exhausted, defeated male’s face, while he’s trying to recover, and flexing for the camera.

If you are a fan of true, physical female domination on the mats, you will love NC-194!

Match outline: staredown, the onslaught itself (17 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest, then on face).

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