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NC-136: Rage vs Nacho

“Two of my favorite sounds – the sound of tapping out, and the sound of men crying underneath my ass”, says Rage (stats) as she is forcing Nacho (stats) to submit multiple times to her reverse sgpin tailbone choke and reverse facesitting holds.

“Now we’ve made a sandwich out of you,” – says Rage as she is straddling Nacho’s face in a reverse-facesit position, with his face turned sideways and clamped tight between her butt and the sole of her foot, grimacing in pain from carrying almost her entire weight on his cheekbone – “ass and feet sandwich!”

After losing decisively to Vanessa (stats), and seeing how Rage (stats) controlled her in their last match (FW-94), Nacho (stats) decided to concede in advance, and declined a real fight with Rage, knowing that he would inevitable lose, and hoping that the experience will be less painful. This, however, didn’t stop Rage from showing him why she is one of the best at Fight Pulse at dominating her opponents, as well as inflicting pain, all in front of Nacho’s girlfriend, who was watching this match. This is an absolute destruction of a male by a stronger, alpha female, and is one of our most intense onslaughts. In support of that, Nacho said after filming that this encounter was more painful for him than NC-134 Akela’s Lethal Legs, where Akela absolutely thrashed him between her powerful thighs, as it seemed to him that Rage enjoyed inflicting pain for prolonged periods of time by holding on to her holds for longer.

NC-136 is one of the best onslaughts of this year! If you are a fan of female domination in mixed wrestling, you will absolutely love this match! Rage takes Nacho to his pain threshold, makes him groan and tap and tap and groan repeatedly, with his face turning colors, with each hold she puts him in, while clearly enjoying her power throughout the onslaught. This is the most sadistic we have ever seen Rage.

Tight, face-crushing schoolgirl pins, pubis chokes, foot chokes, excruciating, tight, lengthy, front and reverse headscissors, stretches, cranks, forced foot kissing – Rage puts her victim through hell in NC-136. This is a symphony of violence, and Rage is the conductor.

Match outline: the onslaught itself (18 minutes), foot domination and worship (4 minutes), victory pose (foot on face, then on chest).

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