NC-233: Power Yoga I

Power Yoga is a spiritual exercise that has the possibility of curing the ailment of the mind by concentrating on and achieving direct, unobstructed flow of energy from Vice to Virtue. Two actors enact the two roles – in this case the female the role of Virtue and the male the role of Vice – and strive to believe, then embody them fully.

Basically, this is an attempt to examine the possibility of healing through domination & submission.

She focuses on her virtuous nature through recollection of love, by dividing life into two – her and him – virtue and vice. She accepts him as vice/fear and strives to see her control / domination position as the only right, just thing, and accepts the feelings that arise from the clarity of this duality. The male should focus on all his own fears and make the shortcomings of the world his own, by embodying them in spirit, then surrender to what is happening.

Breathing should deep and unburdened.

art for power yoga by the multi-talented Lucrecia  [Ladira on Twitter | on deviantArt]
art by the multi-talented Lucrecia [Ladira on Twitter | on deviantArt]

The first meditation is with our newest wrestler, Isis (stats) and Torsten (stats) (previously known as Tim Franz).

This is quite raw. Please let us know what you think and any suggestions you have for future power yoga videos.

There are 7 positions in which the meditation occurs:

1. Astride fear

A schoogirl pin with arms tucked. Virtue accepts the existence of fear and receives energy from straddling it, using its strength.

2. The clock of justice

Virtue sits with folded legs on the torso of vice, focusing on his/her heartbeat in her root.

3. Mercy as a choice

Camel clutch.

4. The return of Judith

Based on the Old Testament story of a widow, Judith, slaying the Assyrian general, Holofernes, and returning home with his head. Virtue standing, vice sitting on his/her legs next to her, while she is holding him by the hair, his head and body hanging.

5. Warrior positions 1 and 2

The yoga positions, consecutive, but with virtue stepping on vice’s chest.

6. The downward dog

The yoga position.

7. The whisper of surrender

Virtue stepping on vice’s face in a way that she can feel his breath on her toes, on which she focuses, as a sign of her complete victory over evil, seeing surrender in the softness of the air.

The duration of each position is decided solely by the female, when she feels that a position has been exhausted or is enough.

No photos were taken during the filming to reduce unnecessary movement and noise.

Immerse yourself.

Video outline: silent greeting, power yoga positions (21 min), concluding interviews + crowd review.

More video stills:

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Profile photo of blazer199
1 year 1 month ago

Learned quite a bit about Power Yoga, a truly sensual experience for the “victim”. Isis has a very sexy voice and a lovely interaction with the victim, looking forward seeing many more from her, a great find Naji.

Profile photo of Egon
1 year 1 month ago

This was a really interesting experience, wow ! First off: Isis is a great addition to the roster, I can already see: an incredibly beautiful,nice,sensual and fascinating woman and I am really curious to see her in both wrestling (hopefully mixed) and experimental stuff like this. This was a really interesting excourse into the more spiritual side of femdom and maybe this is even the first spiritual femdom video ever done 😀 It really explores the sensuality and power of dominance and submission in a peaceful way as a contrast to the more wild side of wrestling. I found it… Read more »

Profile photo of Egon
1 year 1 month ago

And I should add: This could be a great spiritual exercise for girls who like things like this they could do with a previously beaten opponent. Imagine losing a match to her and then later you spiritually and calmly surrender to her completely while also sharing a tremendous bonding experience, peaceful and dominating at the same time. A peaceful way of domination, there is no conflict anymore: The loser accepts his position and the winner assertively but mercifully reigns in victory and there is a certain acceptance and appreciation :) It could be either its own video or done after… Read more »

Profile photo of blazer199
1 year 1 month ago

Very good idea Egon regarding the surrender/bonding experience after loosing the match, that would be a great ending of video for any mixed match assuming of course the female is the winner.

Profile photo of Egon
1 year 1 month ago

Thanks, this is something really special here, think of all the positions you could do which the girl only is able to select ! This could even help the wrestlers cool down after a hard match.