NC-46: Calypso vs Vargas

In this non-competitive mixed wrestling match, Calypso (stats) takes on a newcomer, Vargas (stats).

Calypso is at her most dominant in this title, scoring a total of 20 points against Vargas using various submission holds and pins, including humiliation holds such as reverse headsit with face buried in feet and full-weight chest-standing pin. She enjoys her complete dominance over her new victim, which can be observed in the way she watches him as he is about to submit, pulls him by the hair in order to get him into the reverse headscissors, pushes his face down into the soles of her feet during the reverse headsit. Calypso caps the match off with a an assertive foot-on-face victory pose.

If you enjoy one-sided mixed wrestling matches with a vast amount of scissor holds and various pins, including some unusual ones (check the tags below for a complete list of holds used), then NC-46 is for you.

Note: there are no interviews in this video.

Note: a small portion of photos in the photoset on sale has action blur due to misconfigured photo-camera at the time of the shoot, which is why the photoset is offered with a slight discount.

Match outline: the match itself (18 minutes), victory pose (foot on face).

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