NC-08: Alkaia pins down the attacker

Alkaia is doing her make-up in the dressing room when she is attacked by a molester (AJ). Little does the attacker know that Alkaia is an athlete and an accomplished wrestler. She pins him down with ease and keeps him in control underneath her. AJ’s struggles to dislodge Alkaia are futile as she confidently straddles his chest, neck and face. After a few minutes of struggling she puts him in reverse headscissors and knocks him out. In the next scene we see her standing over his prostrate body with one foot on his chest trying to call the police, but for some reason she cannot reach them. While this is happening AJ comes back to consciousness and tries to get out, but Alkaia is fast to subdue him once again. A couple of minutes later the lights suddenly go out and Alkaia decides to take the attacker to the mats, where she regularly trains. There the struggle continues. The video ends with a long victory poses, first knee on chest, and then a standing victory pose with Alkaia’s foot on AJ’s chest. She triumphantly tells him that “it seems like there’s no need to call the police”.
There are lots of long schoolgirl pins in this video with all of your favorite positions, including a facesit pin.
NOTE: This is a staged encounter. If you would like to see a competitive match, check out our MX series.

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