Mixed Tournament #3: Italian Females vs Czech Males

Update (25/Jun): The first match of the tournament has been released – MX-158 Bianca vs Luke
Update (27/Jun): The second match of the tournament has been released – MX-159 Ivy vs Frank
Update (29/Jun): The FINAL match of the tournament has been released – SPOILER ALERT

Dear Fans, we are excited to bring to you our third competitive mixed tournament! It features 4 lightweights fighting for glory and prize – Ivy Satinee (stats), Bianca (stats), Frank (stats) and Luke (stats).

Preview video:

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Links to previous tournaments: MT #2 (Venom, Diana, Luke & Viktor), MT #1 (Jane, Rage & Frank).

Just like the second one, this tournament will have a championship-style play-off structure. It will consist of a total of 3 matches – Bianca vs Luke, Ivy vs Frank, and the final match between the winners of the two semifinals. As usual, there is monetary prize on the line for the winner.

Tournament poster (click to enlarge):


Information about the competitors:

Name Stats Strengths
Ivy Satinee 5′ 3″, 132 lb; 160 cm, 60 kg; aged 28 lower-body strength, athleticism
Bianca Blance 5′ 6″, 132 lb; 168 cm, 60 kg; aged 32 agility, aggression
Frank 5′ 8″, 139 lb; 173 cm, 63 kg; aged 28 upper-body strength, flexibility
Luke 5′ 10″, 143 lb; 178 cm, 65 kg; aged 35 size, endurance

Ivy Satinee

This was our first time filming with the Italian wrestlers, so we didn’t know much about them, except that they are both super competitive, and that they have both competed in catfights, which requires a lot of toughness. Ivy looks physically strong, and her background in athletics means she will have a strong core and lower body, as well as focus and composure.

Bianca Blance

From what we saw during the training, Bianca is extremely agile. She says she has beaten bigger males in competitive private sessions. Bianca is new to the fetish wrestling scene, but has already made a noise on the European circuit.


Frank is one of the best lightweight male wrestlers at Fight Pulse, and has been in wars with some of the biggest names on the roster, sometimes even coming out on top. He started fitness training religiously after his last loss to Rage which took place 3 months ago in the hope of wining the eventual, final fight later this year, and has since gained 9 lb (4 kg), going into this event bigger and readier than ever. From what we know, he has to be among the favorites to win the tournament.


Luke always keeps coming, regardless of how bad he is losing a match. Thanks to his perseverance as well as recent strength / fitness training, Luke has started winning fights and gaining confidence, becoming a more formidable wrestler. Despite being the biggest wrestlers of the four, he is definitely the underdog in this tournament. Can he surprise everybody?

Release schedule:

The 3 matches will be released next week, in the given order on the following dates:

25/Jun: Bianca vs Luke
27/Jun: Ivy vs Frank
29/Jun: FINAL match

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Profile photo of Egon
5 years 29 days ago

Looking forward to this a lot ! I am particularly excited about Ivy (or Stella on IFW) who has only done 2 mixed matches. I love her because she is awesome especially her powerful grappling style and her positive spirit towards wrestling. She has been very excited and happy when she had to opportunity to wrestle males… that positive spirit is contagious and adds to the experience of matches. I am also excited about Bianca and curious about the skills of the guys and I am looking forward to the matches :D. Those tournaments are a nice addition to your… Read more »

Profile photo of Egon
5 years 29 days ago

I hope Ivy will become a part of the fightpulse roster… one of my absolute favourites ! 😀