Mixed Tournament #2: Middleweights

Update (13/Dec): The first match of the tournament has been released – MX-98 Venom vs Luke
Update (16/Dec): The second match of the tournament has been released – MX-99 Diana vs Viktor
Update (21/Dec): The FINAL match of the tournament has been released – SPOILER ALERT

Dear Fight Pulse Fans, we are excited to bring to you our second mixed tournament – this time featuring middleweights (65 to 80 kg): Venom (stats), Diana (stats), Luke (stats) and Viktor (stats).

Preview video:

Differently from the first one, this tournament will have a championship-style play-off structure. It will consist of a total of 3 matches – Venom vs Luke, Diana vs Viktor, and the final match between the winners of the two semi-finals. There is monetary prize on the line for the winner.

Tournament poster (click to enlarge):


Information about the competitors:

Name Stats Strengths
Venom 5′ 6″, 159 lb; 168 cm, 72 kg; aged 30 BJJ brown belt
Luke 5′ 10″, 150 lb; 178 cm, 68 kg; aged 32 Upper-body strength
Diana 5′ 9″, 163 lb; 176 cm, 74 kg; aged 25 Judo black belt
Viktor 6′ 1″, 152 lb; 185 cm, 69 kg; aged 20 Upper-body; speed


Venom is widely regarded as one of the sessioning scene’s best grapplers. Her grappling credentials are undeniable – she has a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and is an active competitor outside of the scene. This gentle killer visited Fight Pulse on the second weekend of November, and this mini tournament was filmed on the first day of our shoot. Venom has not lost a fight in the last 2 years, and is certainly not planning to.


Luke joined Fight Pulse earlier this year, but has since only appeared in semi-competitive and domination-style videos, due to his unwillingness to commit to a full-on competitive fight. Things seem to have changed and he will take part in his first true competitive mixed wrestling match in the first leg of the tournament, against Venom.


Diana, a black belt judoka, is the most skilled grappler in Czech Republic, and is also widely considered to be one of the world’s best. Diana and Venom are arguably the top 2 wrestlers in Europe, which makes their possible match-up in this tournament a very compelling fight. Diana hasn’t lost a match in the last 3 years, and is also planning to keep that no-loss streak going.


Viktor is without doubt one of the strongest males who have ever wrestled on Fight Pulse mats. While this young man’s experience is very limited, his incredible raw power is something that not everyone knows how to deal with.

Release schedule:

The 3 matches will be released in the given order on the following dates:

13/Dec: Venom vs Luke
16/Dec: Diana vs Viktor
21/Dec (+1): FINAL match

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Please take a moment and vote in the embedded poll below for who you think will win the tournament:

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Who will win the second Fight Pulse mixed tournament?

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Profile photo of wrestpet
6 years 2 months ago

Voted for Diana. She has the size advantage over Venom. But it’ll be not easy for Diana. She has to be very sharp and avoid doing any mistakes, cos Venom will make sure she will pay for her mistakes.