FW-113: Axa Jay vs Ali

When a skilled, powerful woman, one of the world’s most popular session wrestlers, and an expert in physical domination, Axa Jay (stats), meets a smaller, weaker newcomer, Ali (stats), in a real encounter, what takes place is a true, spectacular onslaught, a complete and undeniable dominance of one woman over another.

Ali Bordeaux has heart for days. She is not afraid of stepping on the mats against anyone. However, heart alone is not enough to succeed, and so far she has been utterly dominated in her contests against more accomplished, bigger, stronger wrestlers, such as Zoe (stats) in FW-107, and Rage (stats) in FW-110. This early in her career, regardless of how hard she tries, Ali has no chance against someone even more experienced, such as Axa Jay (stats), in real combat.

As expected, this is the Axa show. She overwhelms, immobilizes, and subdues Ali, showing complete physical dominance over the ready-to-fight newcomer. There are few people in the world of underground wrestling, that possess the physical subjugation skills that Axa Jay does, and they are on display here, to Ali’s frustration. Axa effortlessly pins, chokes and smothers Ali non-stop for over 20 minutes, almost toying with her opponent-turned-victim, often putting her in humiliation holds, despite Ali trying her best to resist and escape Axa’s powerful legs and arms. Via long leg chokes, – front, reverse, figure-4 headscissors, triangle holds, – foot chokes, bodyscissors and body triangle submissions, pindowns, forward and reverse facesit smothering, foot-on-face domination holds Axa takes Ali to her limits of pain and keeps her there, making her tap out again and again, multiple times in each hold, in this onslaught-style, no-rounds conquest.

FW-113 is one of the biggest F/F mismatches we’ve ever filmed and features total physical control and dominance of the winner over the loser, and is an absolute must-see for all fans of female-over-female domination in a competitive setting!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (21 minutes), victory pose (facesitting, then on foot face), concluding interviews.

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