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FW-56: Giselle vs Mia (for 3rd place)

This amazing fight for third place in the 2016 Fight Pulse lightweight championship pits two evenly matched and evenly determined opponents, Giselle (stats) and Mia (stats), against each other.

Warning: spoilers follow concerning previous matches of the tournament.

If you would like to learn more about this championship, please read our announcement post and first release, which includes detailed information about the outline of the tournament and more. Below are all the existing releases and information related to this tournament:
announcement post and details of the tournament
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FW-53: Pink Rose vs Mia (quarter final #2)
FW-54: Jane vs Giselle (semi-final #1)
FW-55: Akela vs Mia (semi-final #2)

This is in our opinion the best fight of the championship so far, featuring two strong young women who are closely matched in an intense aggressive female wrestling match. For both Mia and Giselle this is the third match of the championship. They both won their quarter-final matches and lost their semi-final fights. They now face each other in a battle for third place – the first place of the tournament with monetary prize.

Mia has surprised many with her win over Pink Rose in her first competitive female wrestling match ever. But Giselle is a different kind of fighter. Her ferocity, speed and aggression have earned Giselle the comfortable fourth place in the rankings prior to this championship, behind only Zoe, Akela and Jane. Mia is certainly a talented powerful lady, but can she pull an upset against Giselle?

FW-56 is easily one of our best competitive F/F titles to date. If you enjoy real intense female wrestling with back and forth action, with both opponents displaying great heart and determination, you will love this title.

Match outline: introductory interviews, the match itself (12 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest), final interviews.

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