FW-53: Pink Rose vs Mia (quarter final #2)

The second quarter-final match of the 2016 Fight Pulse lightweight championship pits Pink Rose (stats) against the newcomer, Mia (stats).

If you would like to learn more about this championship, please read our announcement post and first release, which includes detailed information about the outline of the tournament and more.

This is Mia’s first competitive match at Fight Pulse. She is the dark horse of the tournament. We’ve filmed an NC title and a schoolgirl pin challenge with her several months ago, but never a competitive wrestling match. Nobody knows what level she would be able to compete at, including the other competitors.

The opponents are physically evenly matched, with almost same height, weight and age. Pink Rose has the edge when it comes to experience, however Mia is a very strong and athletic young woman. Can Mia pull it off? Who will proceed to the semi-finals to face Akela? It’s time to find out!

Match outline: introductory interviews, the match itself (12 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest, final interviews.

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