FW-52: Katniss vs Giselle (quarter final #1)

Dear Fight Pulse Subscribers, the championship took place on 6th of November, as scheduled. However, unforeseen circumstances prohibited us from holding it at the high level that we aspired to. As many of you know, we had worked hard on setting this up and promoting it since early Summer. The interest that you, dear fans and visitors, exhibited, pushed us to try and do and deliver our best. We tried. However, there are things that are out of our control. One of such things is the health of our competitors. Late in the evening the day before the tournament I received a phone call from Zoe, our current champion, during which she informed me about the onset of tonsillitis and high fever that she was experiencing. She said she will try to attend the championship but was not sure she could make it. I checked with her in the morning, and she was in no condition to travel, let alone wrestle. Unfortunately, we had to hold this championship without the presence of Zoe, the biggest favorite to win it according to your votes. Zoe feels better today.

Furthermore, Calypso couldn’t attend as well, also due to health conditions. I understand that this all, especially Zoe’s absence, diminishes the nature of the tournament, and I apologize to all the fans who were waiting for what we advertised, for that we weren’t able to deliver it as a result.

But this also meant that a new champion was to be crowned.

Now, on to the championship. If you have somehow missed our blog post regarding the event, you can read it at: 2016 Fight Pulse Lightweight Female Wrestling Championship.

The championship was held with six competitors. Due to the absence of two wrestlers, instead of four quarter-finals, there were two. Two competitors, namely, Akela and Jane, due to them being the highest-ranked lightweights out of all present, were promoted to semi-finals without a match. Below is the graphic of the final tournament bracket (click to open in full size):

2016 Fight Pulse Lightweight Female Wrestling Championship - tournament bracket (click to open in full size)
2016 Fight Pulse Lightweight Female Wrestling Championship – tournament bracket

There were 6 matches total, instead of 8 planned. 2 quarter-finals, 2 semi-finals, 1 match for 3rd place, and 1 championship final.

And now, the introductory video of the tournament:

The first match of the tournament is between Katniss (stats) and Giselle (stats). The winner of FW-52 will wrestle Jane in the semi-finals.

Katniss and Giselle have a history. They already had a match earlier this year, FW-33, which was very close. Later in the year they starred in one of our very few F/F domination videos, a custom-request match, NC-29, at the end of which, when asked how they think a real match would go, both competitors said they had 50% chance of winning a competitive match.

Now, almost half a year later, in the first elimination match of our biggest shoot, Katniss and Giselle meet again. We knew very well that due to how close the opponents are in terms of skill, and due to their history, this is going to be a match to remember. And it delivered.

Note: as per the championship rules, the matches in this tournament will be 12 minutes unless the match is a draw, and overtime is added.

Match outline: introductory interviews, the match itself (12 minutes), victory pose (foot on stomach), final interviews.

Preview photos:

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7 years 3 months ago

Having to drop out due to health issues is always a bad thing. Honestly sickness appears to be all around at the moment. I can barely get myself to work recently. Zoe as falling out as reigning champion is of course quite a loss and I was also looking forward to see Calypso in the tournament. Still the tournament was held with the contestants available and there is nothing more anyone can do under these circumstances. I hope that the ladies recover swiftly and look forward to seeing the tournament unfold. With Zoe not participating, I also have a fairly… Read more »