FW-76: Revana vs Jenni Czech (humiliation finish)

In her much-anticipated second competitive match at Fight Pulse, Jenni Czech (stats) faces off against Revana (stats) in this onslaught-style real battle for complete dominance.

This long (39 minute) release combines the onslaught style (no rounds; resetting is not mandatory; multiple submissions per hold) with humiliation finish. The wrestler that maintains control and dominance throughout the onslaught part (which lasts 25 minutes in this release) gets the right to humiliate her opponent as she chooses.

If you enjoy F/F domination in the context of real female wrestling, then FW-76 is a must-see for you! It has a good fight, a decisive victory, long painful holds with multiple submissions, long tight pins, verbal onslaught, and, eventually, bondage and humiliation of the loser by the victor. The humiliation round probably has some of the most degrading moments we’ve ever filmed: the loser is tied up and made to worship the winner’s feet, is trampled upon and tickle-tortured. How often do you see one woman treading heavily on another’s face making her say “I’m your bitch” repeatedly through the bare sole squashing her lips?

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Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (25 minutes), post-match humiliation and victory posing (11 minutes).

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Kiss péter
11 months 29 days ago

The humiliation part was really at its best.