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FW-70: Jenni Czech vs Foxy

In one of the most highly-anticipated releases of this year (71%), Czech scissors-Queen, Jenni Czech (stats), takes part in her first ever competitive match at Fight Pulse! Her opponent is our fan-favorite feisty newcomer, Foxy (stats).

Jenni’s competitive debut was long overdue! But the wait was worth it – FW-70 is everything you were hoping it would be and better! This is one of the best FW titles we’ve ever produced, in big part due to the dynamic between the two wrestlers being absolutely fascinating. You will know what we mean when you watch the video.

The match is preceded by a short prologue in which Foxy and Jenni Czech meet for the first time backstage at Fight Pulse. After greeting each other Foxy says she has seen some of Jenni’s videos. Jenni asks her what she thinks about them. Foxy replies “They are OK, even though they are not real.” To this Jenni responds, confused and possibly offended, “What? Maybe I can prove you they are real? If you would like to, we can try!” Foxy agrees and they walk towards the mats. Usually, competitive matches do not have narratives (at least not a fictional one). However, here we decided that it will give a theme to the match, and prompt interesting communication between the wrestlers on the mats, which it did.

If you would like to remain unaware of the outcome of the match, please do not expand the spoiler section below.

Click here to read more about this match (possible spoilers)

Match outline: prologue, the match itself (28 minutes), victory pose (foot on face, then foot on belly).

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Profile photo of nworbp
6 years 6 months ago

Finally a chance to see Jenni in a fem vs fem fight at FightPulse. And what a fight it was…wow! Spoilers below: As expected, Jenni completely dominated this fight. And that is exactly the type of fight I like to see, where one gal takes full control of her opponent and never lets go. A variety of beautiful wrestling holds, expertly applied by Jenni, left poor Foxy writhing and moaning, and tapping the mat time after time. Kudos to her, though. She took the beating, like a champ, always coming back for more. It must have been very obvious to… Read more »

Profile photo of leonardo
6 years 3 months ago

One of the best video one side…the best videos…great Jenni!!!