FW-87: Jenni Czech vs Paola

After exchanging words (here & here) over the last month, Jenni Czech (stats) and Paola (stats) finally square off in this competitive match!

Paola asked for this match by publicly calling out Jenni. Will she be able to back up her talk? Or has she bitten off more than she can chew?

Match outline: staredown, the match itself (22 minutes), victory pose (foot on face).

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Profile photo of Ignacio
6 years 1 day ago

Is this, really, a competitive match? I think this is not. After the previous challenge between them, I expected, at least, an “standard” competitive, intense combat. But, from the start, you see that one of the girls offers little resistence, as if it were arranged in advance that she would be the loser. She shows not a really will to win, not intensity, not agressiveness,etc. and wearing a neutral face (sometimes exhibiting a mild smile). I couldn’t believe that. The other lady tends to rule this match and is always smiling. But I’ve never watched a competitive fight in which… Read more »

Profile photo of nworbp
5 years 11 months ago

Even though I’m sure than most fans have a pretty good idea of how this match went, I’ll try not to give away any spoilers. One girl has 13 lbs (6 kg) advantage, and most importantly a much, much wider experience in this industry. All of that could prove to be too much of a challenge for her rival. Or not? 😀 I’ve read another review of this fight, and with all due respect, I have to say that I beg to differ. The fight is competitive enough. If anything wasn’t competitive, it is the fact that one girl may… Read more »