HH-08: Lucrecia vs Anika

Two of Fight Pulse’s biggest and most intimidating female wrestlers go head-to-head in the 8th installment of this challenge series.

Lucrecia (stats) and Anika (stats), the only two Fight Pulse heavyweights (above 80 kg) met on the mats for the first time in FW-49, one year ago. This is the second chapter of their rivalry.

Lucrecia, having taken part in two H2H contests is the more experienced of the two competitors in regards to this format. However, Anika’s exceptional strength at the very least evens out the odds.

A Head-to-Head contest consists of a series of challenges that test two competitors against each other in a series of physical challenges and scissor holds. As usual, for easy reference, below we present the outline and guidelines of H2H contests.

H2H contest consists of the following 11 challenges:
#1 Fingerlock wrestling – opponents lock their hands in a test of strength and try to get each other to either submit or get down on at least one knee
#2 Arm-wrestling – laying down on the mats; once with with each arm (possibility of a tie)
#3 Lifting – the contestant who lifts their opponent and keeps them from touching the mats for the longest period of time wins this challenge; each chooses their lift type
#4 Push-ups – the contestants do push-ups on referee’s count, and the one who stops sooner loses the challenge
#5 Leg wrestling – once with each leg (possibility of a tie)
#6 Schoolgirl pin challenge – this challenge follows the basic outline of our schoolgirl pin challenge videos (FW-12, FW-16 & FW-23); in order to get a point the contestant has to pin their opponent’s shoulders down to the count of ten within a one-minute period; each can choose their favorite type of sgpin
#7 Bodyscissors – the contestant who withstands her / his opponent’s bodyscissors for the longest wins the point
#8 Front headscissors – the contestant who withstands her / his opponent’s front headscissors for the longest wins the point
#9 Reverse headscissors – similar rules to above
#10 Figure-four headscissors – similar rules to above
#11 Reverse figure-four headscissors – similar rules to above

The winner of most of these challenges is declared to be the winner of the contest. The maximum possible score is 11-0. The minimum possible difference is 0, since the challenge can end up being a tie. This could happen if 1, 3 or more of the above challenges end in a draw. The three challenges that can end up with a tie, as noted above, are arm-wrestling, leg-wrestling and sgpin challenges, when each contestant wins one of the rounds of a challenge. As to other challenges, they could theoretically end up with a tie as well, if the times are extremely close, which is nonetheless unlikely.

Video outline: introductory interviews, all the challenges listed above (17 minutes), victory pose (foot on face), concluding interviews.

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6 years 6 months ago

Wonder who won.
Anika is very sexy!
I like her strong arms.

Profile photo of Greg
3 years 11 months ago

I enjoyed this head to head lot especially since it was 2 of my favorite wrestlers going at it! I thought that Lucrecia would have the upper hand but boy was I wrong. Anika shows how size alone isn’t everything, she has very strong arms and legs and shes one hell of a trooper when she is put in various scissor holds (especially from Lucrecia), at the same time though Anika she can dish out one hell of a headscissor with her thighs 😉 2 very sexy and 1 beautiful performance :)