HH-12: Virginia vs Natalie

Two promising newcomers, Virginia (stats) and Natalie (stats), square off in the 12th Head-to-Head contest!

Starting with this installment, we have replaced fingerlock-wrestling (mercy game) round with a push-out contest. The goal of this contest is to push one’s opponent out of the light-grey area. Whoever touches the dark-grey area first with any part of their body loses the round.

Note: the video of the second part of front headscissors segment (about 15 seconds) is missing from the final cut due to technical failure. It is replaced with available photos.

H2H contest consists of the following 11 challenges:
#1 Push-out contest – as described above
#2 Arm-wrestling – laying down on the mats; once with with each arm (possibility of a tie)
#3 Lifting – the contestant who lifts their opponent over one shoulder and keeps them from touching the mats for the longest period of time wins this challenge
#4 Push-ups – the contestants do push-ups on referee’s count, and the one who stops sooner loses the challenge
#5 Leg wrestling – once with each leg (possibility of a tie)
#6 Schoolgirl pin challenge – this challenge follows the basic outline of our schoolgirl pin challenge videos (FW-12, FW-16 & FW-23); in order to get a point the contestant has to pin their opponent’s shoulders down to the count of ten within a one-minute period; each can choose their favorite type of sgpin
#7 Bodyscissors – the contestant who withstands her / his opponent’s bodyscissors for the longest wins the point
#8 Front headscissors – the contestant who withstands her / his opponent’s front headscissors for the longest wins the point
#9 Reverse headscissors – similar rules to above
#10 Figure-four headscissors – similar rules to above
#11 Reverse figure-four headscissors – similar rules to above

The winner of most of these challenges is declared to be the winner of the contest. The maximum possible score is 11-0. The minimum possible difference is 0, since the challenge can end up being a tie. This could happen if 1, 3 or more of the above challenges end in a draw. The three challenges that can end up with a tie, as noted above, are arm-wrestling, leg-wrestling and sgpin challenges, when each contestant wins one of the rounds of a challenge. As to other challenges, they could theoretically end up with a tie as well, if the times are extremely close, which is nonetheless unlikely.

Video outline: all the challenges listed above (18 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest), concluding interviews.

Preview photos:

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