MX-84: Miesha vs Steve

Dear Fight Pulse Fans & Subscribers, please welcome Miesha (stats)! She is a real warrior, who has dedicated her life to martial arts, and we can’t be more excited about her joining the Fight Pulse team! Check out her profile for more information about this highly skilled grappler.

On our first shoot with her, Miesha was given an opportunity to choose her first fight. She went straight for the biggest challenge, despite having alternatives. In her debut mixed wrestling match, Miesha takes on the strongest male at Fight Pulse, Steve (stats), who outweighs her by 20 kg (44 lb), and is in best shape we have ever seen him, both physically and conditioning-wise. Moreover, this is Steve’s best performance at Fight Pulse to date, as we see him escape from holds and even pass guard unlike ever before.

In order to demonstrate Miesha’s grappling skills as well as make her transition to pins & submissions style easier, we decided to carry this match under the chokes & joint locks allowed ruleset. This ruleset adds to the standard pins & submissions holds the rear-naked choke, limb manipulations and joint locks.

Let us tell you that if you are looking for a video with a lot of submissions, MX-84 might not be for you. Miesha controls her much larger opponent all throughout the match, ending in dominant positions with creative sweeps, as well putting him into submission holds, but Steve proves too big, strong and determined to submit, even for Miesha, and while she gets him constantly in finishing holds, such as triangles, armbars and leglocks, with incredible determination, as well as using his superior upper body strength, Steve is able to escape them.

However, if you are looking for a competitive mixed wrestling match where the larger and significantly stronger male is desperately trying to defend and gain upper hand against his smaller but more skilled opponent, while she dominates the positional aspect of the fight without being able to score easily, then look no further, as MX-84 is an intense mixed wrestling match full of display of technique, power and determination from both sides.

Eventually there is a winner in this match. Victory doesn’t come easy at all, making it that much satisfactory for the winner. If you are a fan of competitive mixed wrestling with high-paced action between closely matched opponents (with size and strength advantage favoring one, and grappling experience favoring the other), you will enjoy MX-84!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (13 minutes), victory pose (foot on stomach), final interviews.

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