MX-126: Tia vs Andreas II

One of the most anticipated videos of this year (71%) is the rematch of the best-selling match we have ever produced, MX-86, which featured Tia (stats) and Andreas (stats) in the first ever competitive mixed onslaught.

In the 18 months following Tia’s first visit to Fight Pulse, Andreas has improved a lot. He is considerably stronger and a lot more experienced nowadays, capable of beating the majority of the lightweight roster of Fight Pulse. Surely, there is no way Tia manhandles Andreas and plays with him despite his best effort to fight back, like she did last time. Tia disagrees in the pre-match interview.

And she is right. Tia ragdolls Andreas with seemingly the same ease with which she dominated him in their first encounter. How often do you see a boston crab submission in a real fight? MX-126 is one of the best examples of a complete domination of a man by a woman despite him trying his best. His efforts are inconclusive literally at all times. Tia is simply bigger, faster and stronger than her male opponent. She crushes him with her body, overpowers, immobilizes and forces him to submit repeatedly in every position she puts him in throughout the painful onslaught, while finding time to talk down to him and victory pose over his trapped body.

To better understand the dynamic of this encounter, take a look at these absolutely vicious, primal thrusts by Tia, a ruthless assertion of dominance if we’ve ever seen one:

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (18 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest, then on face), concluding interviews after credits.

Preview photos:

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6 months 20 days ago

Tia showing that women are stronger than men look at how she smashes her hips onto his belly hard leaving him short on breath she’s angry that he can’t put a good fight against her. This woman’s hip thrusts are sick and the way she slams her sexy hips on his weak frame is savage

Craig paws
6 months 15 days ago

This woman’s grapevine and hip thrusts onto his stomach we’re just a thing of beauty the way this woman executed them were so perfect and her breast smothers while she puts all her weight onto him is amazing and she quickly got him fatigued . The skill that this woman has and combined with her raw power that guy had no chance she was superior in every way and dominated him. This woman was just a savage and showed that women are more ruthless and more powerful than men. I would love to give her a run for her money… Read more »

6 months 5 days ago

In shape man vs in shape woman and look at the outcome the woman out manned and overpowered him. Men won’t be able to get out of her holds with her full body weight on them because she’s too powerful and skilled. There are not many men that can compete with this woman. This guy didn’t stand a chance and got humiliated by this sexy lady.