MX-199: Bianca vs Frank II

Bianca (stats) and Frank (stats) square off again in the rematch of the fantastic, emotional ending to the 3rd mixed tournament, MX-160! MX-199 is without a doubt one of this year’s best competitive MX titles, and a must-watch for all fans of real intergender wrestling.

Stop reading here if you don’t want to know the outcome of the first encounter between the two, as well as the result of Frank’s later match with Pamela. MX-160 was the most crushed Frank has ever been after a match. He was favored to win the third mixed tournament, partly because it’s not often that Frank faces someone his size or smaller than him. He beat Ivy Satinee (stats) in the qualifiers handily and squared off against Bianca in the final match. While Frank controlled the first part of the match, he wasn’t able to score on Bianca, who proved to be very tough and resilient to pain. As time went on Bianca got into dominant positions more often, and with aggression, toughness and superior endurance, she was able to submit Frank during overtime, ending this marathon of a battle with an ecstatic finish, jumping up and celebrating her victory and claiming the monetary prize. Frank was so beaten up, it took him two weeks to feel normal again. But he never forgot about this.

2019 was the year Frank improved the most. He was already weighing 63 kg for MX-160 (which took place in May), and his training regimen, started solely for the purpose of winning the final match of his eventual pentalogy with Rage (stats), was paying off. When Pamela (stats), a close friend of Bianca, arrived at Fight Pulse in October, he was determined to beat her no matter what. In the interview of this match he said he “hates Italian wrestlers”. To this Pamela replied “I’m Russian, dear, not Italian,” having been born in Russia. Of course, this didn’t mean much for Frank. He did his absolute best in order to beat Pamela and he was successful (MX-175), giving Pamela her first and only loss during her visit to Prague. Needless to say, the stage was set for the rematch between Bianca and Frank. While Frank has improved since May, so has Donna Spietata, significantly. The question is, who has improved more? And the answer is quite decisive.

Note: this video was filmed at the November event. You can find all released video bundles from the event here.

Note: good news for fans of real mixed wrestling! Within the last year we started to focus more on competitive mixed matches (MX titles), rather than non-competitive ones (NC titles). As a result, this is the first time since July, 2017, that the MX video count has surpassed the NC count. This tendency will continue going forward.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (17 minutes), victory pose (foot on face, facesitting), concluding interviews.

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