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MX-41: Sofi vs Diego

We introduced Sofi to Fight Pulse fans earlier this week, and today we are releasing our first competitive mixed wrestling match with her. She is strong, agile and a smart grappler. You can see in this video that she is still learning on how to effectively apply some of the holds, but you can also see that she has natural physical smarts when it comes to wrestling. See for yourself how she did against a bigger opponent.

So, in her first mixed wrestling match Sofi (5′ 5″, 130 lb) is pitted against Diego (5′ 8″, 158 lb), whom you know from his praised encounter with Lucrecia in MX-39. He is heavier than Sofi, and has grappled before, unlike Sofi, with whom we have only had an hour of training prior to the filming of this match. We were not ready for what we were about to witness. During this match Sofi displayed incredible strength and agility, as well as great stamina. Halfway into the match Diego’s lack of fitness was clear, – he was getting exhausted, while Sofi was only warming up. Soon enough her attacks became unstoppable, and her pins unavoidable. Nevertheless, Diego tried his best to gather all his energy several times during the second half of the match and try to make Sofi submit relying on his upper body strength alone, and he was even able to do so in more than one occasion.

At one point during the match Diego escapes a hold and, completely out-of-breath, instinctively gets off the mats, only for Sofi to jump after him and force him back onto the mats and onto his back again.

This is an intense competitive match with a decisive winner. A must see for fans of competitive mixed wrestling and schoolgirl pins.

Match outline: staredown, the match itself, victory pose (foot on face), final interviews.

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