NC-103: Jenni Czech vs Viktor (“Mistress vs slave”)

In one of this year’s most anticipated mixed wrestling releases (73%), Jenni Czech (stats) faces her slave, Viktor (stats), on the mats. This is a story of the fall and humiliation of a revolting slave in the hands of his owner, whom he thought he could beat for his freedom.

If you have watched any of our videos with Jenni Czech, you know that the viciousness of the onslaught and the level of humiliation she can deliver is unrivaled. Jenni squeezes Viktor’s neck between her famously powerful legs until his voice becomes feminine, and his verbal submissions become a noise hard to decipher without knowing the context. What led to this, you may ask.

It is a perfectly normal day in Jenni’s dungeon. She orders her slave to worship her feet, but for some reason, Viktor decides it is the day he quits. He says “no!”, and that he is tired of her and that he has decided to leave. Jenni says, “well, the only way you are going to leave is if we have a wrestling match, and if you win, you are free. But if you lose, I will tie you up and torture you.” Viktor, without much thought, agrees.

Mistress and slave face off on the mats and the match starts. It turns out, Viktor had no idea how capable Jenni is at wrestling. He finds out pretty quickly in a particularly painful manner, with his neck stuck between Jenni’s thighs, being crushed until he eventually taps. Jenni quickly puts him in an armbar and forces her foot onto his mouth, remembering being refused to be worshiped.

Viktor tries to put up a fight but is overpowered, subdued and humiliated hold after hold. Jenni is on a mission of destruction for disobedience and disregard. She often demands multiple submissions before letting him breathe or recover, but only briefly, as she maneuvers him into another painful hold. A large number of headscissor holds, some held for an extended period of time, long painful pubis chokes with Jenni straddling Viktor’s neck and driving her crotch into his throat, foot domination – foot chokes, full weight trampling, neck and face treading until submission, – Jenni doesn’t leave doubt as to who the Master, or rather, the Mistress is, when it comes to combat. Check the taglist below to see the full list of holds and positions Jenni uses to torment her slave.

Viktor’s refusal to worship Jenni’s feet in the dungeon doesn’t end well for him, as he is forced to worship her feet on the mats several times, until he does it willingly. Jenni watches with satisfaction as he licks the soles of her feet and sucks on her toes.

Content with the cruel punishment, Jenni ties up the exhausted and broken male, hogtying his wrists to his ankles, and proceeds to make him admit submission again and again in headscissor holds. Satisfied with the thrashing she has delivered, Jenni demands a final foot worship before leaving her immobilized slave on the mats, breathing heavily.

NC-103 is without a doubt one of the best domination videos we have ever produced. If you enjoy femdom through wrestling, you will absolutely love this special encounter!

Match outline: prologue in the dungeon, staredown, the match itself, neck and face tread victory poses with submissions, bondage and post-match humiliation (25 minutes).

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