NC-112: Katniss vs Andreas

Katniss (stats) subjects her male opponent to over 35 minutes of domination, emasculation and ultimately objectification in this one-of-a-kind mixed wrestling encounter!

At first NC-112 starts like many other mixed wrestling matches. Katniss catches and submits Andreas (stats) in various body- and headscissor holds and pubis chokes. As his body and will weaken, she proceeds to pin and submit him via front and reverse facesitting holds, crushing his mouth and nose under her jean-clad crotch. Eventually, she turns him into human furniture, by immobilizing him underneath her and applying ingenious humiliating pins to her weakened opponent.

This is without a doubt Katniss’s most dominance performance at Fight Pulse to date. After posing over her defeated, prostrate prey treading on his face, during the post-match interview, Katniss sits back on his stomach and uses his face as foot-rest. When asked why she is doing this to him, she replies saying that he deserves it simply by virtue of being a man.

Fans of female domination through mixed wrestling absolutely have to see this title!

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself (37 minutes), long victory pose segment (foot on face, then face as foot stool), final interviews (2x, long behind-the-scene interview).

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