NC-129 Jenni Czech vs Roberto

Roberto (stats) is a cleaner. He is mopping the mats, quite lazily, doing a slacky job. Jenni Czech (stats), who is waiting for her fight notices this, and isn’t happy about the cleaning job. When Roberto learns that Jenni is a wrestler he scoffs and says that she looks “like a Barbie”. Big mistake.

If you enjoy female domination through mixed wrestling, you will love NC-129!

Jenni is ruthless in her onslaught on her male opponent. While Roberto resists in the beginning, Jenni soon subdues him through her favorite method – inflicting pain – rendering him nothing but a victim. His further bursts of resistance are aptly crushed between Jenni’s legendary legs, and under her feet. Roberto doesn’t know what hit him, when Jenni tightens her legs around his neck.

Jenni is the Mistress of pain. She knows how to inflict pain, and enjoys doing it. The onslaught style is the perfect style for her since she can keep on to the holds, making her opponent groan and submit multiple times to the same hold.

If you are a fan of Jenni’s squeeze, her masterful back-wrenching holds and her foot domination skills, NC-129 is an absolute must-see for you!

Match outline: prologue, the onslaught (20 minutes), victory pose (foot on belly, throat, then face), epilogue.

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