NC-108: Jenni Czech vs Luke

Jenni Czech (stats) and Luke (stats) meet on the mats of Fight Pulse in this highly-anticipated (67%) onslaught-style no-rounds mixed wrestling match.

Most of you, dear Fans and Subscribers, are aware by now of the punishment that Jenni Czech can deliver. Her mean streak and natural dominance make her one of the most feared wrestlers when it comes to the onslaught style. Even in her competitive and semi-competitive matches Jenni loves to push the opponents to their limits. In the onslaught style, when she has a green flag to ignore submissions as well as submit them repeatedly in the same hold, she plays with her victims and pushes them past their pain threshold with visible pleasure. This is without a doubt the most painful experience Luke has had at Fight Pulse to date.

Everything Jenni does has intensity – scissors, camel clutches, lotus locks, hammerlocks (this video includes some of the most excruciating hammerlocks we’ve ever filmed), pubis and tailbone chokes, the verbal degradation, and even the victory pose, where she crushes her exhausted opponent’s face with the ball of her foot making him whimper and groan from pain and submit.

If you are a fan of complete female dominance in mixed wrestling, with the female inflicting pain, humiliating her male victim both physically and verbally, pushing him to his limits of pain tolerance, you have to see NC-108. It is one of the true and best onslaughts we’ve ever filmed!

Match outline: introductory interviews, the match itself (26 minutes), victory pose (foot on face).

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