NC-132: Jennifer Thomas vs Jenni Czech

Jenni Czech (stats), who observes Jennifer’s dominance of Roberto is not impressed by her performance and does not shy away from telling it to her. She says that Jennifer Thomas (stats) can only perform well against weak males. “You have really nice muscles, but it doesn’t mean you can wrestle.” The fight is on! Two of the world’s most popular session wrestlers are going to clash!

As they square off, Jenni catches Jennifer off-guard with her agility, and quickly straddles her neck in a tight schoolgirl pin / pubis choke. Jennifer says “this is not a position that I like being in!”. After unsuccessful struggles, Jennifer gives up, looking to get out of the miserable position as soon as possible. However, Jenni has other things on her devious mind, as she quickly turns around, sits on Jennifer’s face and starts belly-punching her. Jennifer remembers this and returns the favor later on in the match.

Jenni starts the match strong and puts Jennifer through some humiliating holds, often not releasing straight away to ensure dominance. However, as the match goes on, Jennifer makes a big comeback, taking control of the match, ending on top and in control, belly punching, and starting to dominate Jenni Czech.

But who is going to win? Our powerful, charismatic guest from USA, or Fight Pulse’s own, possessor of Europe’s deadliest squeeze, Jenni Czech?

The video ends with muscle comparison and flexing, after the victory pose, and an unexpected butt kiss.

If you enjoy watching two beautiful, strong women, both of whom are used to winning and dominating their opponents easily, battle it out on the mats, with back and forth trash talk, a big variety of wrestling holds, and display of wrestling technique and raw female power, NC-132 is for you!

Match outline: prologue, the match itself (21 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest), muscle comparison and flexing.

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