NC-111: Akela vs Jenni Czech (“Redhead vs Blonde”)

In this much-awaited release (70%) that follows a storyline-based NC format, two Fight Pulse stars, Jenni Czech (stats) and Akela (stats), meet on the mats for the first time! And what a spectacular wrestling match this results in!

It all starts with a behind-the-scene interview with Akela, during which she says that she is proud to be ginger and would hate to be blonde, and that blondes are generally awful and weak. Lo and behold, Jenni Сzech, who is there preparing for her next video overhears this. This, obviously, doesn’t sit well with Jenni, and she approaches Akela:
“Excuse me? What?” asks Jenni, clearly riled up.
“Sorry you heard that, but that’s my opinion,” replies Akela. “Blondes are stupid, – you have heard all these jokes about blondes, – they are also weak.”
“Well,” responds Jenni, “I respect your opinion, but even though I’m blonde, I’m definitely not weak, and I bet I can kick your ass!”
“Really? OK. Maybe we should try it!” says Akela, as she stands up and approaches Jenni, and the two square off.

The fight is on! And what a fight it is! There are ignored submissions, pins that are counted by the pinner more than once, belly punching, hair grabbing, and a lot of trash talk. NC-111 is an action packed back-and-forth battle for dominance that all fans of the two wrestlers should see!

Match outline: prologue, staredown, the match itself (32 minutes), victory pose (sgpin, then foot on chest and neck).

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6 years 5 months ago

This is why I love non-competitive, scripted fights. Unlike in a competitive fight, submission holds last long enough for us to fully enjoy them. Plus, very often the girl in control will not release the hold, even after the tap. The \”victim\” showing appropriate agony, while her tormentor dishes out more punishment. And when the competitors are girls as beautiful as Akela and Jenni, it makes it even more exciting to watch. IMHO, this is one of best FP videos ever. Submissions and pins galore. Scissors, grapevine pins, schoolgirl pins, surfboard submissions, full nelsons…it\’s all there. My favorite submission was… Read more »