NC-145: Akela’s Lethal Legs III

The third victim of the infamous, lethal legs of Akela (stats) is Foxy (stats). Foxy will never forget this 30-minute vicious encounter with Akela’s big, powerful thighs. This no-rounds onslaught is just as brutal if not more, than the mixed Lethal Legs videos (NC-109, NC-115, NC-134).

Akela showcases the destructive power of her legs, crushing Foxy’s jaw, throat, body and resolve for close to half an hour, making her scream and tap and tap and scream, with unusual viciousness, and complete physical dominance. Lengthy reverse headscissors, front, figure-4 and side headscsisors, long crotch-tearing grapevine pins – Akela is ruthless in her onslaught on her weaker opponent.

It all starts with Akela pointing out how skinny Foxy’s legs are, and Foxy responding that at least her legs have a tan. Bad idea to ridicule possibly the strongest legs at Fight Pulse. The two wrestlers do a leg-wrestling round, which Akela wins without a single drop of sweat, rolling Foxy’s body over with ease. Foxy, unhappy with the result, square off with Akela, and the fight is on.

It’s not a fight though. It’s a beatdown, or rather, a squeeze-fest. Foxy’s feeble attempts to stop the inevitable do very little to prevent Akela from quickly taking her down, advancing on top of her and locking her strong thighs around her neck in a tight reverse headscissors, pushing Foxy’s face into her butt, and making her tap multiple times. What follows is an onslaught, full of long, crushing headscissors and agonizing grapevine pins, between which Akela keeps Foxy immobilized straddling her using tight schoolgirl pins and pubis chokes, often planting her foot on her face to show her complete physical superiority, while verbally humiliating her.

Akela finishes her domination by making Foxy say “mercy” after a lengthy, excruciating reverse headscissor hold, before ordering her to kneel in front of her and kiss her foot, after which she pushes Foxy down and plants her foot on her face in a victory pose.

NC-145 is a must-see for all fans of painful F/F domination in the context of wrestling!

Match outline: leg comparison, leg wrestling, the match itself (28 minutes), kneeling humiliation, victory pose (foot on face).

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