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NC-15: Jane vs Mike

NC-15 is a scripted semi-competitive mixed wrestling match between two newcomers, Jane (5′ 7″, 121 lb; 171 cm, 55 kg, 25 y.o) and Mike (5′ 10″, 210 lb; 178 cm, 95 kg, 38 y.o).

This is Jane’s first appearance at Fight Pulse. She is wrestling her friend, Mike. It turns out, the two friends have long been having arguments about who would win a wrestling match, but never had an opportunity to actually find out until this shoot. Mike is a heavy guy, as you can see from the stats, but sports is absent from his life. All he does from day to day is sit behind a computer, 9 hours per day, which is a source of friendly ridicule from Jane. She is a very athletic person, and has been this way all her life. Jane is a professional dancer and a regular swimmer. Fitness is her lifestyle. Nevertheless, Mike is certain that his size advantage will be the decisive factor, and he will easily win this match. Jane has other thoughts. Here’s an excerpt from the pre-match interview:

Cameraman: Who do you think will win?
Mike: Me, of course.
Cameraman: Why? Don’t you think she is more athletic than you?
Mike: But she is small and she is a girl.
Cameraman: Jane, what do you think about that?
Jane: Yes, of course I am a girl, look (points to her breasts). But a strong girl. A girl who wants to win.

SPOILER ALERT. Skip the next paragraph if you would like to remain unaware of the outcome of the match.

Mike has nothing to match Jane’s finesse and her fantastic speed. Despite an extreme 90-pound weight advantage, Mike ends up being trapped between her legs, mounted, pinned, squeezed, stretched, choked, taunted and humiliated round after round. You can see the chemistry between the two at play as Jane taunts her clumsy opponent continuously once she is in a dominant position. The variety of holds applied in this video, as listed in the tags to this release below, is something we think you will appreciate. This is one of those matches where the score goes over 10 points – a very assertive debut by our beautiful newcomer, Jane. NC-15 is a must-see if you are a fan of young athletic women completely womanhandling bigger men at wrestling.

Match outline: introductory interviews, staredown, the match itself, victory pose (brief foot on face and foot on back).

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