NC-236: Lucrecia & Tessa vs Christian – 2F vs 1M (Subjugation School)

In this beautiful, one of a kind 2F vs 1M encounter Lucrecia (stats) welcomes Goddess Tessa (stats) at Fight Pulse mats like a long-lost caring sister. She shows Tessa all the pleasures and possibilities she could find here, and for that she brings with her one of her diligent toyboys – Christian (stats).

A rich mix of foot domination, scissors and pins, together with their victim’s helplessness grants the girls a great scope for their fun and entertainment. Lucrecia demonstrates her favourite pins and holds and Tessa repeats all the movements to add them later to her own arsenal in the future matches.

If you want to witness a lightweight boy completely smashed and buried under the two gorgeous Czech Amazons at once, don’t miss this one. NC-236 is an outstanding onslaught for all the fans of absolute domination.

Girls just wanna have fun, you know. And so will you, that is for sure.

Match outline: introduction, the action itself (25 minutes), victory poses (foot on chest, throat and face), concluding scene.

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