Scissors dominatoin match between Lucrecia and Laila

NC-40: Lucrecia vs Laila (scissors domination)

Lucrecia (stats) takes charge in this custom-request wrestling match over Laila (stats). The ruleset for this onslaught-style (no rounds) NC match is simple – only scissors submissions are allowed, and only verbal submissions are accepted. Or are they?

Turns out, not every time. Lucrecia clearly enjoys the desperate squirming of her victim between her legs, ignoring her verbal submissions time after time. A beautiful dominant performance by Lucrecia will not disappoint her fans, or fans of headscissors and bodyscissors in general, as NC-40 features very long humiliating scissor sequences.

If you are a fan of prolonged jaw-crushing breath-taking scissors holds and verbal humiliation along with it, this title is for you!

Note: there are no interviews in this video.

Match outline: the match itself (24 minutes), victory pose (schoolgirl pin, foot on chest).

Some stills from the video:

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