sgpin smother by Lucrecia

MX-32: Lucrecia vs Gregor (smother match)

Did you enjoy our first smother-rules match? If yes, then get ready for another one – better and longer! This time the big and strong Lucrecia takes on the small Gregor. While our first smother match (NC-04: Lucrecia vs Marek) was semi-competitive, this is a 100% competitive match, meaning that Gregor does try his best to withstand Lucrecia’s aggression and gain a submission or two. But not only is he not able to score a point, but also he gets totally dominated from start to finish, smothered into submission time and time again. This is a long match, longer than we usually film, and Gregor gets exhausted 2/3 into it. And it is a wrong time to get exhausted. There are 100% real facesit, breast-smothering and belly-smothering submissions in this video, and all in a competitive setting. Lucrecia scores 23 smother submissions during the match. The victory pose segment after the end of the match is spectacular, as she makes the prostrate victim tap many times using different smother holds without restarting the match, and ends it with a triumphant full-weight facesit biceps flex pose (front and reverse), while he is still tapping. The match ends with Lucrecia standing over Gregor’s body with one foot over his chest.

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Match outline: introductory interviews, the match itself, victory smother holds segment, two facesit victory poses, final interviews, final foot on chest victory pose.

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7 years 10 months ago

I loved this match! Lucrecia is my favorite Fight Pulse wrestler and her awesome body looks even more awesome in shiny black tights!! Poor Gregor didn’t stand a chance! I just hope she will give him a rematch and defeat him all over again 😉

Profile photo of Greg
4 years 22 days ago

Beautiful match from start to finish! Lucrecia never fails to please :) Poor Gregor never stood a chance! I love how lucrecia takes advantage by using her body weight to pin him down and wraps her thick, strong sexy legs and arms around him like an octopus and wears Greg out with him wasting his energy trying in vain to escape the inevitable, then when hes burned out proceeds to smother him and show she is in complete control! He was getting overwhelmed by her smothering techniques especially when he is literally whimpering beneath her. I hope that they have… Read more »