NC-43: Jane vs Frank

Jane’s onslaught on Frank (stats) is one of our most anticipated titles (at 71%) since we launched the upcoming release polls in Oct/2015.

And rightly so! You have never seen Jane (stats) so dominant before! In this no-rounds onslaught our fan favorite, Jane, rams through her opponent, destroys and humiliates him, just as she promises at the beginning of the match. Once she catches him in a hold she makes him tap again and again, telling him that she likes the sound of tapping, often not releasing the hold until he taps multiple times. Jane sits on her victim’s face, smothering submissions out of him, giving him room to breathe and then lowering herself onto his face again. She clamps her strong legs around Frank’s neck and watches his face turn red, enjoying the continuous tapping, weakening and then again increasing the pressure, playing with him like a toy.

If you enjoy female dominance in mixed wrestling, this title is for you. This is certainly Jane’s most dominant performance to date at Fight Pulse. There are facesit submissions, foot chokes, face-in-feet reverse headsit, and many other humiliating positions that Jane forces Frank into. Watching Jane straddle Frank’s neck driving her pubis into Frank’s jaw choking him into submission repeatedly while smiling down at and verbally humiliating him, it’s an easy conclusion that NC-43 is one of our best NC titles to date, and we are very excited to bring this amazing video to you!

Match outline: the match itself (16 minutes), victory pose (foot on face).

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