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NC-61: Jenni Czech vs Andreas – pins only

This custom-request 36-minute mixed wrestling match features the scissors-Queen of Bohemia, Jenni Czech (stats), in a semi-competitive pins-only match against a similarly sized male opponent, Andreas (stats).

This rules for this custom request match (review of which you can read on our Testimonials page) are pins only. At first Jenni Czech is wearing yoga pants. Halfway through the match she takes them off, throws them at her opponent’s face to distract him to get on top, continuing to wrestle and pin him down in leopard bikini.

The match stats with Andreas saying that he will pin down Jenni, a remark that is scoffed at and laughed off by Jenni Czech, who is confident in her abilities, and says that SHE will be the one on top. Needless to say, Jenni’s predictions come true in the most humiliating manner possible, as Jenni uses her powerful lower-body and balancing skills to pin her male opponent round after round to the count of 10. Andreas does put up a good effort, often dislodging Jenni from on top of him, but Jenni eventually gets the best of him every round, straddling his chest and neck tightly, immobilizing him under her to advance the score in her favor.

NC-61 is a treat for fans of schoolgirl pins, since the vast of majority of 15+ pins applied by Jenni are classic tight sgpins, with her shins or knees controlling and pinning Andreas’s arms.

Match outline: the match itself (36 minutes), victory pose (sgpin bicep flex).

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